Friday's 365

Friday's 365-"Designed By Stoners, For Stoners."
FRIDAY'S 365 jumps right into the edible game with our one of a kind starting five lineup.
Introducing the “Caramellows”, “Caramellow Dunks”, “Peanut Butter Dunks”, “Layups“ and “Fastbreaks“ for a complete game changer from the same old edible lines.
The full court press begins with our “Caramellows” a handrolled edible joint complete with collectible Friday's 365 custom parchment paper and DoobTube. *Don’t try and smoke it!
The “Caramellow Dunks“ & “Peanut Butter Dunks” are delicious chocolate squares filled with our tasty 25mg infused peanut butter or 25mg of infused mouth watering caramel for a total slam dunk of flavor!
The “Lay-Up” is our signature mouthwatering gummy, premiering in three exciting locally sourced flavors for a ”Melt in your couch, not in your hand” edible at 25mg apiece.
We round out this All-Star lineup with the wildly popular, “Fastbreaks” these 5mg microdose fizzy pills come ten in a pack and let you decide the games outcome. *Remember these little buggers will still have you riding the bench, so ALWAYS use edibles responsibly.
Making the ”Starting Five”-After we produce our handcrafted edibles, to make the final cut for our lineup, we meticulously select each final product for quality, and only then place these winners into our continuously child proof, 100% hemp/plant based containers for the freshest and most environmentally conscious to market products on the OLCC Market.
Come join our FRIDAY'S 365 family and make everyday, FRIDAY'S 365!
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