420 Moving Company

is an American branding and marketing firm based out of Portland, Oregon. We are engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of quality craft cannabis intended for the Oregon Recreational Cannabis market. 

Michael W. Fox, the former State Director for Dope Magazine and founder of the world-renowned Phat Glass studio, has hand selected a family of Brand Ignition Experts, with combined years of industry experience in the fields of Cannabis & Marketing..


We hand pick our incredible team of Brand Ignition Experts with the same care as we hand pick our clients. We’ve crafted our team to reflect a diverse, exciting and inspiring group of canna-warriors who are dedicated to best practices in a young industry, whose only constant is change. 420 Moving Company will continue to evolve with honesty, grow with integrity, and deliver with transparency.


We proudly represent FRIDAY'S 365, a premium craft cannabis brand featuring mouth watering edibles, a huge selection of pre-rolls, and our exclsuive line of CO2 mini-pens. Now, you can make everyday, FRIDAY'S 365!


FRIDAY'S 365 - We proudly offer a wide selection of Oregon craft cannabis products for your daily enjoyment. The FRIDAY'S 365 line of cannabis products include Pre-Rolls, Edibles, and our super slick, "0.3ml Fastbreak & 0.5ml Layup" Custom CO2 Mini-Pens.

This is 420 Moving Company. Come join the family...


A proud Oregon Company


420 Moving Company has joined forces with Cascadia Premium Cannabis (CPC) brokerage to launch the FRIDAY'S 365 line of Oregon Craft Cannabis, a retail experience designed to deliver honesty in every product we sell. 

Combining the resources and services that CPC offers (delivery, secure storage, brokering, pre-rolls service, packaging, and labeling), with the expertise and industry experience 420 Moving brings (sales, branding, and marketing), our focus is on being the premiere source for all honest, quality cannabis throughout the great state of Oregon and beyond.


Working out of the CPC cannabis processing center, we constantly have our finger on the industry pulse and are at work daily making the magic of the recreational market happen. We are able to purchase wholesale products and process farm products into our OLCC certified distribution hub.

We can help your farm. If you have any distribution, sales or marketing needs feel free to reach out to one of our team members for any questions. 

Together we are your growing solution!


We MOVE 420!

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